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Located in Fredericksburg, Texas and sponsored by St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Troop 137 focuses on High Adventure, leadership skills, and character development.


It is the purpose of Troop 137 to provide for boys an effective program designed to build qualities of character, to train in the responsibilities of participating in citizenship, and to develop in them personal fitness, thus to help in the development of American citizens who:

  • Are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit,

  • Have a high degree of self-reliance as evidenced in such qualities as initiative, courage, and resourcefulness,

  • Have personal and stable values firmly based on religious concepts,

  • Have the desire and the skills to help others,

  • Understand the principles of the American social, economic, and governmental systems, 

  • Are knowledgeable about and take pride in their American heritage and understand America’s role in the world,

  • Have a keen respect for the basic rights of all people,

  • Are prepared to fulfill the varied responsibilities of participating in and giving leadership to American society and in the forums of the world.


We schedule monthly outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, bicycling, caving, outdoor cook-offs, team-building, nature activities, geocaching and more. 

Our scouts participate in service projects that are both community-based and national in focus.  Some projects were part of a larger efforts.  Others were planned and carried out by our Scouts. 

Our troop's adult leaders emphasize youth leadership, and offer opportunities for Scouts to lead at every level.  Scouts plan weekly meeting activities, education sessions, and outdoor programs with the mentoring and support of dedicated adult volunteers.  In the process, they learn skills for life -- planning, anticipating challenges, working with others, and checking their progress along the way.  Whether 11 years old, or 17, they learn and practice outdoor skills to build confidence, independence and respect for nature.

In Troop 137, younger scouts are mentored by older and more experienced ones.  When they join, they are guided to help them develop skills toward their first rank advancements, and prepare for their first weekend camping activities as Boy Scouts.  As they take their first steps along the Scouting trail, they learn about the ideals of Scouting -- its oath, law and motto.  They become familiar with the methods of Scouting and get to know other boys in the Troop.  Troop 137 prides itself on promoting positive relationships among Scouts of all ages.

Older scouts in our troop have an opportunity to participate in high-adventure activities, where they put their scouting skills to the test in a challenging and fun environment.  We plan to have summer trips to BSA's official high-adventure bases -- such as:

Apart from personal growth, citizenship, independence and leadership, scouting in Troop 137 is fun!  If you know a boy who likes the outdoors, nature, sports and possesses a sense of adventure, we encourage you to explore our website.  Read our Chronicles Blog featuring accounts of our weekend actvities.  View our photo gallery to learn more about our adventures.  If you would like information about joining Troop 137, please contact us with your questions or to arrange a visit to an upcoming Troop meeting.

Troop 137 meets at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church each Tuesday at 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Contact Scoutmaster Gayne C. young at 830-285-1011 or through his email for more details.

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